Black and Blue

Black and Blue

SKU: pc-blackblue

Black and Blue Pocket Chalkers are handcrafted borosilicate glass handles designed to hold your pool chalk in place.


Pocket Chalkers are made for pool players of all skill levels and can be used by sliding the glass handle into your pocket to keep your chalk handy wherever you are around the pool table. 


Never break your focus by walking around the table to grab chalk or share with your opponent again! Having quick access to your chalk in between every shot is perfect for staying focused on your game during play and preventing a miscue.


These stylish pocket chalkers are constructed of a handmade glass handle, reinforced metal chain connector and vinyl rubber top that is compatible with all standard square forms of chalk.


Pocket Chalkers are designed to support virtually every pocket size, material or shape. They have been thoroughly tested with women in mind to fit smaller women's pockets like jeans, leggings and dress pants. 


Your chalk will always be at your fingertips as you rock a unique glass pocket chalker.


Chalk not included.